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This October, we launched Project Illuminate at the Lima Memorial Medical Park. This illuminating art installation shined a light on the Lima Memorial Foundation’s funding priority to establish a dedicated Inpatient Renal Dialysis Treatment Center. Messages from patients and caregiver resided in sealed bottles in a symbolic and artistic display on the waters of the Lima Memorial Medical Park.

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The Lima Memorial Foundation is excited to partner with OBLSK for Project Illuminate. Located in Columbus, Ohio, OBLSK consists of a team of artists, inventors and designers who come together to create interactive installations, finely crafted imagery and powerful multi-sensory experiences. With the creative ingenuity of the OBLSK team, led by artists Eve Warnock and Pelham Johnston, the messages of our patients and caregivers have been illuminated in a truly unique and unforgettable image of a community uniting together

for a great cause.

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